Fleisher Residence

3/9 Wurlitzer

The Fleisher Wurlitzer is installed in a beautifully restored 1800's Victorian residence in one of Central Ohio's renaissance neighborhoods.

History:  The four-rank Wurlitzer pipe organ was built for First Church of Christ Scientist, Anderson, Indiana and installed November, 1928.  It served continuously until the church closed in 1998.  The homeowner purchased it in November, 2000 and, with the help of several friends, traveled to Anderson to dismantle and transport it to Columbus.  Reinstallation was completed November, 2001 by J.C. Wilson and Associates.  The console in the foyer is Wurlitzer, but not original to the organ; In order to accommodate planned additions (to eventually nine ranks with percussions) a larger console was needed.  This 1930's console is one of only six of its type ever built by Wurlitzer.  These "R" (residence) consoles were generally built for ballrooms of mansions in the eastern U.S.  Each of the six had exterior casework matching its residence's woodwork.  Of the original six, only three survive;  two in the U.S. (including this one) and a third in Tokyo, Japan.  This console, rebuilt by J.C. Wilson and Associates in 2001, had not been operational for forty years prior to this reinstallation.

Clark Wilson located and arranged for the console, larger blower and completed all tonal work.  He researched and finalized the planned specification, re-wired the console and directed the installation.

Mr. Fleisher's home and the organ have been included on several neighborhood and holiday home tours.